What were you doing when you heard about…

Luke Akehurst has tagged me in the ‘what were you doing when you heard about…’ meme. Here we go…

Princess Diana’s death – 31st August 1997
Summer holidays, waiting to go back to school. Dad woke me up and we watched things unfold on the television.

Margaret Thatcher’s Resignation – 22nd November 1990
I would have been at school. I don’t really remember a lot about it except that my parents were really happy. Funny thing, politics…

Attack on the twin towers – 11 September 2001
I was having a driving lesson when the first tower was attacked; by the time of the second attack, I was home and watching it on television.

England’s World Cup Semi Final against Germany – 4 July 1990
Honestly, I don’t spend all my life in front of the television. We were watching it on the telly, though. We had returned from Brazil the previous year and my brother, who was born out there, was upset because the country of his birth had been knocked out by Argentina earlier in the competition.

President Kennedy’s Assassination – 22 November 1963
I wasn’t event a twinkle in my parents’ eyes at the time.

I’m tagging Tiberius Gracchus, the Winchester Whisperer, Vino, Peter Kenyon and Chicken ‘Justin McKeating’ Yoghurt.


What were you doing when you heard about…

8 Responses to “What were you doing when you heard about…”

  1. Winchester whisperer Says:

    Grrrr…I hate tags, particularly ones which show my age!

  2. dave Says:

    Sorry, WW… do you go back to JFK?


  3. What were you doing when… - Chicken Yoghurt Says:

    […] meme’s caught up with me, like a virulent strain of clap. Cheers to Dave Cole for passing it […]

  4. Justin Says:

    Curse you, Cole.

  5. Mike Says:

    President Kennedy’s Assassination – 22 November 1963
    After sneaking away from the grassy knoll, I phoned the CIA to say ‘it is done’.

  6. Dave Cole Says:


    They’ll get onto you!

  7. jameshigham Says:

    Didn’t realize you were that old, Dave.

  8. dave Says:

    How old do you think I am and how old did you think I was?