Interview with Ken Livingstone

I was able to interview Ken Livingstone this morning following the launch of his transport manifesto. Unfortunately, announcements kept coming over the tannoy, hence the odd cutting and jumping.Dave Hill also spoke with Ken, and his interview is available here along with thoughts on the Mayor’s transport manifesto here. There is more on the manifesto from Ken’s own website.

More tomorrow.


Interview with Ken Livingstone

3 Responses to “Interview with Ken Livingstone”

  1. Jo Kibble Says:

    That’s a very good interview, Dave. I think you may have missed your true metier – should Gilligan be watching his back?

  2. dave Says:

    Thankyou… I should think that Gilligan must have to take special precautions for the safety and integrity of his back without me, so I think he can remain worry-free of interventions from me for the time being.

    Do please promote as you see fit!

  3. lsi Says:

    is it availible in German?